Arnold Schwarzenegger Maid

The very famous actor and former governor of California for the Republican party said that he regrets having an affair with his family’s housekeeper. He said that this was the stupidest thing he has ever done to his relationship and his children who suffered a lot of pain due to the public humiliation. The  Arnold Schwarzenegger maid affair led to a pregnancy. That boy is fourteen years old today.  

The one-time “Mr. Universe” and star of Hollywood action movie is now trying to regain a bit of the popularity he lost when the incident happened. He wants to promote himself through his new book, an autobiography in which he tells it all. The title for his new book is “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story”. 

In an attempt to advertise his book and clean his image, Schwarzenegger made an appearance on the CBS show, 60 minutes. During the interview, the actor spoke about how he had done a very stupid thing by getting involved with Mildred Baena, who had been working for twenty years at the Schwarzenegger’s.  Then came the son from this affair, who is just months older than the Schwarzenegger’s youngest son.

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