steps to teach your dog

Even though there is a myth which claims that all dogs can swim, this is not true. They all do have the ability to learn how to swim but not all dogs are born swimmers. And, if you enjoy swimming, it it’s really nice to do it while hanging out with your dog. So, to do it, you should follow somesteps to teach your dog how to swim and enjoy the fun of being on the water with your best buddy.

So, first, you should get your dog interested in water. Let him approach it on his own terms, do not force him. Just trust that he will be curious about it and will eventually go to check out the water. When that happens, you will encourage him and give praise. If he decides to dive his paws, then great. Let him be the one to decide. Also, if you are a bit worried about your dog on the water, there are actually life jackets he can wear so he feels more secure.

Remember to enforce the desired behaviour by offering treats near the water. Go slowly and try to make your dog become, little by little, more interested in water. Do not rush times. Remember, practice makes perfect.